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Advanced Betting Software

You know sports. We know data science. Let's team up to turn what you love into a consistent edge come game-time. Our advanced software with your insights can show unique and statistically significant matchups and opportunities.


Bets2Make was created in order to help individuals uncover countless edges in the sports betting. This unqiue software allows you the ability to search hundreds of features with NO programming required.


Bridge the gap between the programming world, the quantitative finance world, and the calculated risk-taker who seeks to evolve with the times

What is Bets 2 Make?

Bets 2 Make is a genetic algorithm that will search hundreds of thousands of factors in mere seconds or minutes to find an edge in sports betting. Everything is point-and-click.


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Why Bets 2 Make

Advanced Software

Bets2Make is an advanced piece of software that runs a genetic program or large search algorithm to find favorable opportunities. B2M also allows users to view statistical studies of each betting strategy found

No Programming Needed

The Bets2Make software is all point and click with billions of possible strategy combinations. A geek won't know sports and you probably won't want to program. Best of both worlds.

A Huge Database

Bets 2 Make currently supports data analysis on NFL, NCAAF, NBA, and MLB data for more than the past 10 years. Future data will include NCAAB, Futbol, and NHL. We are constantly looking to improve.

Portfolios of Strategies

Create and analyze portfolios of betting strategies. It is no longer enough to have a hunch about a game or matchup. It is important to create a robust portfolio to sustain success in periods of inevitable randomness.

5 Star Education

Take our sports betting and statistics online course taught by retired Wall Street traders and sports bettors. The course comes complete with graded homework assignments, video lessons, and short blog posts to get you thinking like a professional.

Money Ball

Professional sports teams, casinos, and bookmakers are all using advanced technology and software programs to aid in their own operations and research. Isn't time you evened the playing field? Gain an edge only available to professionals.

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Find opportunities in a flash

Search hundreds of thousands of possible scenarios to find positive expectancy bets across multiple sports and timelines. Best part is... the SPEED! It might take a lifetime to view all these possibilities without such high-powered software.

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How It Works


Select League

Currently NFL, NCAAF, MLB, NBA

Select Dates

These are the dates you will use to historically test your betting rules over.

Select Betting Style

Currently you can research the spread, the money line or the total (over/under).

Select Features

Features, such as playing a day game after playing a night game last night or currently on a win streak of 5 or more games, can greatly influence the odds.

You can manually select features you think are important or choose to have the software randomly select.


View Performance

View every strategy the software creates by winning percentage, money earned, drawdown, profit factor

Compare Strategies

A bettor must find the optimal use of his capital. Comparing betting strategies to find the best one is a great start.

Monte Carlo Simulations

Data can be misleading. This software takes it a step beyond allowing users to view simulations of each and every strategy

Add to Portfolio

Save your favorite strategies to a portfolio. Create an army of unique edges to smooth overall performance. Turn your passion into a business

"I have known these guys for quite a few years and have been beta testing this software for a few months. This is the most comprehensive tool out there. Just try it."
"My partner and I have been in the beta testing program for the past few months and you have truly created something special here. We will be lifetime users for sure!"
Coral Gables
"Never even knew this type of world exists. I'm sold. I cannot believe the stuff I'm finding. The course was dope too."
Las Vegas

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