About us

A bunch of sports enthusiasts that want to apply their winning Wall Street formula to the world of Sports Betting

who are we

A team of data scientists who have left the stock trading business on top! Now it is time to quantify the world of sports (betting).

our mission

Educate, teach, show the perils of random betting and teach how to make positive expectancy bets

What we do

License our software to inform the public of how to turn sports/betting into a business

“I believe there is a huge misunderstanding in the betting world, and more importantly, a lack of knowledge regarding basic probabilities and statistics. These inefficiencies are exactly what calculated risk-takers live off of. The opportunities are every where. It is only now that they are so easy to uncover. I want to be at the forefront of the betting revolution that is about to happen."
Dave Bergstrom
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