Bets 2 make

The most advanced betting software is now available! Test thousands of betting ideas on historical game data to build quantified edges. It is time to bet like a business.

Simulation Set Up

Select your league, dates, and which features you think are important. - Or - select all the features and lets the software find the best ones

Search Algorithm

The proprietary search algorithm will test hundreds of thousands of possible betting scenarios to find the best edges available


View performance of each betting strategy over time and simulate them into the future to get a better understanding. Add them to a portfolio to see how performance changes.


Large Database

Constantly adding new leagues and more games to increase the amount of data the user has to research

Feature Selection

Constantly adding new features and factors that we believe are important to outcomes. Suggestions encouraged!

Visual Displays

Analyze betting strategies both numerically and visually. Does it look like a smooth performer?

Monte Carlo Simulations

Popular Wall Street method for assessing risk is now readily available to analyze sports betting strategies


A portfolio often smooths out the "bumpiness" of a return stream. Strategies go in and out of ruts, but other strategies can bail out the weak ones. Treat your betting like a business.


World class support staff that has worked on big financial services products and commercial software and understands the users needs.

Need to learn more before you get started?

Take our course taught by professional risk-takers who understand the game

The input window


  • Select the league
  • Select the betting style:  Spread, Money Line, Totals
  • Select the test dates
  • Select signals
  • Run simulator and return hundreds of betting strategies in seconds


Select a handful, select hundreds, or select them all. The software will find the best combinations!

Email for a full list of signals


There are over 500+ signals to choose from for each league. Features can be added upon request. Features include stats for the season, stats from last game, win and loss streaks, home/away, surface, against the spread, opponent season stats, opponent stats last game, and much more.

The output window

  • Bets 2 Make software will return bettings strategies in mere seconds.
  • Sift through the results to find ones with the risk measurements you are comfortable with
  • View full Monte Carlo simulations, winning percentages, seasonality breakdowns.
  • Equip yourself with an edge that other bettors do not have - knowledge!

The details

Total Profit / Loss

This graph shows how your bankroll would have grown bet by bet following this specific strategy. The red dots signify a new high water mark.


The drawdown graph shows the difference from the current bankroll amount to the highest bankroll amount achieved at that point in time. This is plotted bet by bet to show historical max risk

Monte Carlo Simulation Part 1

Monte Carlo simulation is a popular method used in finance and business to simulate potential future possibilities. In betting and risk taking, the results can help determine the potential risks of betting on a strategy moving forward.

Monte Carlo Simulation Part 2
Profit / Loss By Month

A visual display of how this betting system historically earned in each month. This can give insights in when to change bet sizing or put a certain strategy on pause

Profit / Loss by Year

A visual display of how this betting system performed throughout the years. Is it strengthening, weakening, or stable? 

% of Winning Bets

A quick view of how many bets tend to be winners with this particular system

Gain / Loss Ratio

The gain and loss ratio or profit factor is a measure of how much money the system won compared to how much it won. For example, a ratio of 2 would mean it won 2 dollars for every 1 dollar it lost. This display compares this systems profit factor to the greatest profit factor achieved in the entire simulation. 

Output Table

This table shows all the strategies created by this particular simulation. You are able to view each betting strategies' rules, profit, drawdown, profit factor, winning percentage, etc.

Control the view

Click on a different strategy and the output graphs explained above will all change to display the currently selected (blue highlighted) strategy. In this instance, the graphs above demonstrate this highlighted strategy that earned $148,500 in our historical test.




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